Acceleration programs for startups

We offer acceleration paths for startups and we promote initiatives managed directly or in partnership with the most important national and international players.  Through our paths we train and support startups to facilitate their entry into the market, preparing them to present themselves to investors, increasing their visibility to attract investments and develop business opportunities.

Main areas of activity

We realize our acceleration paths in the main industrial fields:


Robotics, automation, propulsion, space and tlcs, satellites, precision mechanics, special materials, aerostructures

Agrifood tech

Agriculture & farming, safety and security, user experiences, waste management

Circular economy & bio economy

Promotion of business models and solutions relating to the circular economy, responsible use of natural resources, leveraging on digital to dematerialize processes, innovative biomaterials, bioenergy, blue and green biotech

Digital & industry 4.0

Analytics and AI, man-machine interaction, digital manufacturing, cybersecurity

Energy - cleantech

Hydrogen production and storage systems, technologies for the permanent storage and/or use/valorization of CO2

Fashion & tourism

Innovative digital solutions, circular solutions and new technologies for the fashion/tourism/food&wine sectors

Media, entertainment & gamification

New formats and technologies in the media field, advertising, social media, video productions, digital entertainment, gamification

Med tech - Healthcare

Red biotech, medical devices, digital health, medical technology

Smart mobility & smart city

E-mobility, Urban mobility, mobility as a service, clean&sustainable mobility, micro-mobility, urban services enabled by 5G technologies: city applications of AI and collaborative robotics, IOT, AR&VR Automotive (connected and smart car), logistics, smart and sustainable buildings, connected infrastructure

Our call4startups

We are always ready to believe in the power of a great idea. Here you will find the announcements for the open calls. If there are no calls open, you can still register on the website and present your startup to us. 

The phases of our programs 

Phase 1


Searching out the best startups on the Italian and international markets via specific calls and the involvement of our network.

Supporto startup Supporto startup
phase 2


Access for the selected startups to tools and distinctive competences provided by coaches with international experience in the worlds of entrepreneurship and Venture Capital.

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phase 3


Analysis and assessment of the startups by a panel of experts.

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phase 4
Investor Arena

Investor Arena

Presentation of the startup finalists to an arena of investors and/or the board and management of the client company.

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