Business opportunities and promotions

To improve the commercial positioning of your startup or SME, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center can offer you business opportunities with potentially interested companies and corporates.

Advantages for startups subscribing to the service

Target market identification 

Support in analyzing your reference market and in the identification of the business opportunities and target clients

Creation of business opportunities

Support in commercial positioning and the search for capital and industrial partnerships


You’ll be able to showcase your technological solutions at national and international events and in specific B2B meetings.


Selection criteria


Startups and innovative SMEs

Startups and innovative SMEs

The basic requirement is to be a startup or duly registered innovative SME.

TRL 7 minimum level

TRL 7 minimum level

The minimum level of technological maturity required is TRL 7: to have implemented a working prototype in the operating environment.

B2B, B2B2C

B2B, B2B2C

The technologies must be addressed to companies or producers selling to the end customer. 


Track record    

The startup must prove it satisfies at least one of the following requirements: to have projects underway, to have a product/technology on the market, to have received investment, to actively have a patent filed, to have acquired clients.  


Areas monitored


Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center monitors and anticipates trends, selecting the innovative companies in the most frequently requested sectors by the current market and those with the best prospects for growth. 


  • AI to strengthen production dynamics
  • Software-as-a-Service solutions for production management
  • IoT 
  • Sustainability: sustainable packaging, scrap and waste recycling, new solutions for pesticides and fertilizers 
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Digital & AI

  • phygital customer experience
  • marketing automation
  • Artificial Intelligence and data science     
  • omnichannel        
  • back-end technologies
  • social commerce and live streaming shopping        
  • sustainability: logistics, shipping, new packaging        
  • big data        
  • customer experience
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Energy  & Infrastructure

  • smart grid
  • smart building e smart Home
  • energy storage, capture and transformation of CO2
  • renewable sources
  • digital technologies, ICT, cybersecurity, data analytics and smart manufacturing, as extra- sector development areas
  • hydrogen production & storage


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Industrial and Space Economy

  •  Intelligent processing robotic automation and advanced robotics
  • Internet of everything
  • Predictive maintenance and remote monitoring
  • Digital twins and Machine vision
  • quality control systems
  • additive manufacturing
  • solutions in the aerospace field


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Retail & Logistics

  • user/customer engagement
  • people flow monitoring and intelligent physical spaces
  • passenger experience
  • computer vision for the retail sector
  • advanced supply chain management
  • smart checkout
  • advanced logistics and WMS


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Sustainability& Materials

  • new materials or bipolymers (construction, cosmetics, fashion, manufacturing in general, ..)
  • new packaging
  • techological solutions or platforms enabling ESG processes
  • climate tech solutions