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We produce monographs on trending topics of global and national importance developing analysis, identifying solutions with a high technological impact and gathering opinions of perspective from sector experts. 

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How do we imagine our future? How will technology mark the moments of our day? What spaces will we inhabit and how our physical and digital experiences will evolve? Knowing the trends of the future helps us to develop greater awareness of the impact of technology, to seize the different opportunities of innovation and at the same time to focus on solutions to man-made problems

Image of Ocean Report Image of Ocean Report


The “Ocean – Nutrition, Sustainability, Technology” report addresses the key role of the ocean with a holistic vision, trying to represent in a complete and exhaustive way the extreme complexity of its ecosystems and the indissoluble link between its health and survival of the Planet and the human race.



The report first provides an overview of the European strategy and its focus on sustainable and advanced materials as catalysts for innovation and competitiveness. Among these materials, the focus is on bioplastics, which are examined in depth not only from a technological perspective, but also on their advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional plastics



The Silver Economy is the set of products and services dedicated to the mature population. In 2050 in the world, the over-65s will be 16% of the population, while in Italy in the same period it will be a range between 32% and 37%. These figures imply a special focus on new technologies and innovation that serve to improve the quality of life and at the same time to solve the problems caused by longer working lives, greater vulnerability and the maintenance of motivation and involvement.



This report provides a broad overview of the Italian space industry, with emphasis on emerging innovations and applications and new industrial and commercial enterprises. From the description of Italian aerospace ecosystem in the context of the international market, to the analysis of technology and application domains of the space industry, up to the synergies with other industrial sectors: a complex and dynamic scenario that represents an essential basis for the development of Italy.


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Innovation Trend Report


This research explores topics such as the valorisation and development of human capital, the rational use of artificial intelligence and data analysis in the management of resources and their training, organisational changes and new leadership styles linked to a distributed work model, as well as the culture of psychophysical wellbeing and cognitive neuroscience.

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Innovation Trend Report Persone e tecnologia Innovation Trend Report Persone e tecnologia

Innovation Trend Report


The electric vehicle market and the different types of propulsion and energy storage will allow the creation
and development of new technologies. Connectivity between vehicles and infrastructures through millions of IoT devices and fast communications networks will multiply services and improve security. Autonomous vehicles and the different ways of using these vehicles make transport more efficient, with a positive impact on the environment. 

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Innovation Trend Report Smart Mobility Innovation Trend Report Smart Mobility

Innovation Trend Report

NEUROSCIENCE IMPACT, Brain and business

The report goes into detail on brain activities by explaining the neural basis of cognitive processes and human behavior, for example by clarifying the correlation between multitasking and stress. Moreover, aspects of health and how this extraordinary organ leads to the creation and contemplation of art are examined, defining neuronal plasticity as the brain's ability to organize and adapt to changes thanks to training and learning.

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Innovation Trend Report Neuroscience Innovation Trend Report Neuroscience

Innovation Trend Report


Artificial Intelligence ranges in different areas of application with categories of models that allow, for example, to recognize and interpret images, sounds, languages ​​and analyze large amounts of data. The report provides an introductory overview on technologies and on how to support and enable business and social processes also with numerous examples of real success. The impact of the increasingly pervasive use of AI techniques on the life of each of us is also analyzed (Virtual Reality, Digital Assistant, ...).

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Innovation Trend Report AI Innovation Trend Report AI